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Abbrevations and Terms you should know

 Abbreviation for ”Arbeitsgruppe”, which is a study or work group at an institute or among students

General Board of Students (Allgemeiner Studentenausschuß). The AStA is the self-government of all students and is elected by them annually.

The Auditorium Maximum is the largest lecture hall in the university and is located at Biegenstrasse 14. It is not only used for lectures but for a variety of purposes such as concerts and other cultural events. The General Student Assemblies are held here.

Foreigner’s Assembly (Ausländer-Vollversammlung) meets once a year to elect the Speaker of the Foreigners at university and to discuss in public current problems of foreign students.

Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz – a federal law that regulates governmental student loans; under certain circumstances foreign students might be eligible for such loans

 Beitrag für Studentenwerk und Studentenschaft
The sum of 179.50 DM that has to be paid to the Organization of Student Affairs before registering or reregistration each semester. Included in this amount is the semester ticket (91,-DM) and a contribution of 83.50 DM for the AStA-expenses and to keep up the Organization of Student Affairs and all the services they offer.

 Library;- University library and the department libraries

Collegium Gentium,a self-governed, autonomous dormitory at Gutenbergstaße 18

 Latin: ”cum tempore” meaning: with time, that is the academic quarter
 11.00 c. t.  =  11.15 (i.e. classes start 15 minutes later than commenced)

Should you run into unexpected problems and are in need of money you can turn to the General Board of Students(AStA). For the time of one month they will grant you a loan of 100 DM you do not have to pay interest on. All you need to bring in order to get the loan is your student-ID, passport, and somebody who will stand surety for you (somebody who guarantees that you will pay back the money).
Further information and advice in financial emergencies is available at the Office for Foreign Student and Studies Abroad, Biegenstr. 12, Dr. Kurt Bunke, Tel. 28-6129, Mon.-Fri. 9am-12 am except Wed.)

The dean is a professor who for a one-year period is in charge of the department and its official bodies (e.g. FBR). The dean is elected by the Department Counsel for which he has to prepare the meetings and decisions to be voted on. He works together with his predecessor (Pro-Dekan) and his successor (Prä-Dekan) who help him to execute the councils‘ decisions.

The deans‘ office

University degree and/or final exam one has to take in order to get the degree

Thesis with which you earn the doctorate degree

Teacher at a university, not necessarily a professor

 Einschreibung (Immatrikulation)
Official registration for university at the Students Secretariats‘ Office, Biegenstrasse 10

Protestant Student Congregation (Evangelische Studentengemeinde), Rudolf-Bultmann-Strasse 4, 35039 Marburg

Official notice of withdrawal from university at the Student Secretariats‘ Office, Biegenstrasse 10

Department of a certain field of study (Fachbereich)

Department Council; official body of a department that discusses and decides on matters of the department

All the students of a department are the Fachschaft, each one is part of it

Student Committee of the Department; this committee is elected by the students of a department (Fachschaft) in order to advocate student affairs in  for example the Department Council

Building at Biegenstrasse 14, where most lecture halls (Hörsaalgebäude) are located, here the lectures of many different departments are held

HiWis (wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) are usually students who have a job at the university e.g. helping with research programs

 A lecture hall (Hörsaal)

 Official registration as a student at university (at Biegenstrasse 14).

 An institute is the smallest scientific unit at a university. Departments can be split up into several institutes.

 International Center of Language and Culture (Internationales Zentrum für Sprache und Kultur), Lahnstrasse 5, 35037 Marburg.

 Catholic Student Congregation (Katholische Studentengemeinde), Johannes-Müller-Strasse, 35037 Marburg.

 written test.

Classified advertisements in newspapers and magazines are of great help when you are trying to buy or sell something.

At a Kolloquium students in their final semester or candidates for the doctorate degree meet to discuss scientific topics with a university teacher. A Kolloquium might also be held as an addition to a lecture, to give the opportunity for more detailed discussions.

 fellow university student

Central Parliament of the university; here representatives of students, university teachers, and professors meet to discuss general matters concerning the university.

”Lahnhills”, area on the outskirts of Marburg, where most of the institutes of the natural science departments are located (mathematics, physical chemistry, chemistry, biology, geology, medicine and a computer lab).

 Magister Artium is a university degree for some courses of studies of the liberal arts. The examination is carried out by university teachers.

 Official student registration number ( on your student-ID).

Students‘ cafeteria with inexpensive meals. There are two Mensen: in the student building at Erlenring 5 and on the Lahnberge. IN order to be able to pay you need a *U-Key.

Numerus clausus; some courses of study are limited to a certain number of students, usually you need a certain grade point average to be admitted.

 nomen nominandum; the person in charge of e.g. the class is not yet nominated.

 nach Vereinbarung; by appointment.

Orientation programs (Orientierungseinheiten); the Office for foreign Students and Studies Abroad offers an orientation program for foreign students where they get acquainted with one another, the university etc.
Every department also offers orientation programs for first semester students, where they provide useful information and give the opportunity to ask questions and get to know one another.

 Ordentlicher Student
 A student who is officially registered.

 Psychotherapeutic Counseling for Students (Psychotherapeutische Beratungsstelle für Studenten und Studentinnen).

 Classes or lectures that are mandatory for every student of that course of study.

Philosophische Fakultät; complex of buildings in the Whilhelm-Röpke-Strasse 6, next to the University Library, here predominantly the liberal arts are located (political science, sociology, philosophy, history, education, languages, etc).

 Doctorate degree, obtainable after the *Diplom, *Magister, *or State Exam.

 Class held for students just starting at university; here basic methods of the specific course of study are taught.

The exam regulations give clear rules on what classes are mandatory, how many credits have to be earned in order to be accepted for exams, and what combination of majors and minors is allowed.

Cross-Registration is the change of majors when you are already in a higher semester and want to transfer the credits of your former major into the new major. The respective Exam Office decides to what extent the transfer is allowed. For more information please contact the student counsel of the department you want to switch to.

The AStA offers a service that advises you in legal matters free of charge.
In case you run into problems with the BaföG-Office, contact the AStA -Social Office.

Referat für ausländische Studenten und Auslandsstudium (RAA)
This should be the first address to contact in case you are a foreigner and wish to study at the Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Companies offer professional help studying for the exams especially for law school students

Reregistration; absolutely necessary to do before the beginning of a new semester.

Credit for having attended a lecture or class, sometimes graded (Schein)

Included in the amount paid to the Organization of Student Affairs is a ticket for the price of 91,-DM. With this ticket that at the same time serves as your official student-ID you are allowed to use any kind of public transportation in the Rhine-Main-public-transportation-network (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund  RMV).

 Sommersemester; summer semester – April to July

 State exam at the end of certain courses of study, such as law or medicine
 The exams are carried out by state examiners.

 Latin ”sine tempore”; without time.
 11.00 s. t.= 11.00 o’clock sharp.

The Student Parliament is elected annually. Every registered student is allowed to vote.

The Organization of Student Affairs is responsible for the financial, social and health care of he students. They also distribute the dormitory rooms.

The *ZAS counsels on any questions you have concerning the university and the different courses of study. They can also provide you with information incase you want to switch majors or plan to discontinue your studies. Should you have specific questions concerning your course of study, please contact the study counsel at your department..

Study Regulations (Studienordnung) describe which credits the students are expected to earn at certain points during their studies, in order to be adequately prepared to take the exams. The Studienordnung is not necessarily binding for all courses of study.

Some departments have quite detailed plans of studies, which are strongly recommended to be adopted by the students. They regulate which credits should be or can be earned during which semester. Still, the students are relatively free to design their own schedule. For more details, please contact your departments’ student counselor.

If you are enrolled in a course of study with limited access, you need a trading partner if you want to switch universities. The trading partner of course has to be enrolled for the same course of studies and is currently in the same semester.
For courses of studies that are open (no NC):
Get enough information on the conditions under which the new university will accept you , before you officially leave (Exmatrikulation) the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Such information is available at the *ZAS, Biegenstrasse 12.
Application forms for trading university places are available at the AStA - Office, Erlenring 5.

Studium Generale
 Classes held for student of all courses of study in order to enhance the general knowledge.

 Person who holds a Tutorium; also: Guide for students( might be a student himself)

Work or study group, that prepares the contents of material covered in class, or discusses it afterwards in order to intensify the understanding.

University Library

Class that supplements a lecture in order to  put the covered material into practice or to deepen the understanding.

Electronic form of paying at the cafeteria. The red key is available at the cafeteria, where you have to pay a 20,-DM security to get it. The key is electronically loaded with money which is deducted by computer based cash registers every time you buy a meal.

All students are automatically insured against any kind of accident that might occur within or outside of the university and that are no due to extraordinary or unusual kind of activities (e.g. high risk sports).

Vollversammlung (Assembly). Several times during the semester do the departments or the university call for assemblies, to which all students are expected to show up. Every student has the right to vote on matters discussed at theses assemblies.

Lecture of a university teacher, usually a professor. The students are expected to listen, questions are only supposed to be asked on a limited basis. A lecture serves the purpose of giving a detailed invisually into a special  topic or field of science.

 Wintersemester; October - February

 Zentrale Arbeitstelle für Studienorientierung und-beratung (Central Office for Study Orientation and Counseling)